We accept donations of good quality reusable any household furniture or electrical items for resale in our Westgate Street shop.

In most cases donated reusable items are provided to low income families either by a grant or sold at a reduced price. Some items are sold to the general public to help fund our efforts.

We aim to only collect good quality, useable items as there is a cost to us disposing of unwanted or damaged items.

We can collect and recycle non-working large electrical appliances and some bulky metal items via our free Doorstep Scrap Collection Service (Ipswich Borough residents only).

How to Donate Reusable Items
Phone: 01473 404004
Email: service@ipswichfp.org
Please include a contact telephone number so that we can call you back to arrange collection.
Items That Are Suitable for Donation
Items we accept
All household furniture.
Working electrical appliances including flat screen TVs with a CE mark.
Working, clean and disconnected large domestic appliances with a CE mark.
Flat screen computer monitors (19" or above).
Sofas and armchairs.
Beds and matresses.
Cots (subject to safety requirements).
Bedroom furniture including freestanding wardrobes.
Dining tables and chairs.
Coffee tables and side tables.
Office chairs and study desks.
Bathroom cabinets and mirrors.
Rugs and carpets.
Excercise bikes.
Items we cannot accept
Soft furnishings containing tears or stains.
Soft furnishings (e.g. sofas, matresses and padded chairs) without fire labels.
Heavily damaged items.
Gas appliances.
Electrical appliances without a CE mark.
Items containing glass which is not safety glass (i.e. toughened/tempered).
Items containing asbestos (e.g. some ironing boards and fire surrounds).
Integrated kitchen appliances.
CRT TVs and CRT computer monitors.
Flat screen computer monitors less than 19" in size.
Some older cots and bunk beds (due to spacing between the bars).
Some older heaters and fires (due to spacing between the bars).
Child car seats, booster seats, cycle helmets and crash helmets.
Large office clearances.
Clothing and shoes.

We are unable to reuse some particularly large items as we struggle to store them and get them into smaller properties.

Items include (but are not limited to) sofas longer than 200cm with a tall back, large wall units, large dressers and long sideboards.

If you are in doubt please contact us to arrange a viewing prior to collection.

Soft Furniture
All soft furniture must have a current fire warning label still attached, which either states that it complies with the 1988 Fire and Furnishing Regulations or conforms to British Standard 7177.

Items Containing Glass
Glass used in items of furniture such as coffee tables, TV units and wall cabinets should be safety glass (i.e. toughened or laminated) to prevent injury on impact. Glass which complies is usually marked with a BS number and kitemark and/or is clearly labelled as "Toughened Glass", "Tempered Glass" or "Safety Glass".


  • The internal height of the sides and ends must be at least 600mm.
  • Spacing between cot bars must be not be less than 25mm or greater than 60mm.
  • Costs must not have any open ended tubes, sharp edges or easily removed small parts.

Gas Appliances
We do not accept Gas appliances for re-sale.

Please Note

We have limited space and will sometimes have to decline items. This may reflect quantities we have in stock, or our knowledge of the demand for a particular item. Higher value items may be sold at auction to raise money towards our running costs.

Our drivers are instructed which items we may not be able to take away at the time of collection. Drivers are asked to use their discretion based on this information so please don't be offended if we are unable to collect specific items.

Donations are collected entirely at our discretion, we are by no means obliged to remove unwanted items from your property.
Gift Aid
If you are a UK taxpayer, you may use us as your agent to sell the items you donate, whereby on us selling the item, you can then automatically Gift Aid the proceeds and we can claim an additional 25 pence for every one pound donated from the sale. There is no cost to you and we will provide and process all the paperwork as your agent. You will be issued with a unique donor number which will be attached to all your donations to enable us to keep track of these transactions. After the items are sold we will write to inform you of the amount raised and give you the required cooling off period before claiming the Gift Aid amount from HMRC.

We reserve the right to exclude items from this scheme if not financially viable.
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